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Tutorials: Secure your application and check compliance

GitLab can check your application for security vulnerabilities and that it meets compliance requirements.

Topic Description Good for beginners
Set up dependency scanning Learn how to detect vulnerabilities in an application's dependencies. {star}
Export Dependency List in SBOM format Learn how to export an application's dependencies to the CycloneDX SBOM format. {star}
Create a compliance pipeline Learn how to create compliance pipelines for your groups. {star}
Set up a merge request approval policy Learn how to configure a merge request approval policy that takes action based on scan results. {star}
Set up a scan execution policy Learn how to create a scan execution policy to enforce security scanning of your project. {star}
Scan a Docker container for vulnerabilities Learn how to use container scanning templates to add container scanning to your projects. {star}
Get started with GitLab application security Follow recommended steps to set up security tools.
GitLab Security Essentials Learn about the essential security capabilities of GitLab in this self-paced course.